I am blogging my programming journey here and why you should too.

December 21, 2020

Hi, Are you thinking of starting a programming blog? Then this will help you decide. Programming blogs are generally less popular than other topics such as health, finance and tech blogs. But why you should start one? Even more importantly, why start a programming blog if you are just a beginner? Learning to program is hard and more than the concepts, what really will decide if you can become a programmer is consistency. Writing a blog will make you remain consistent, commit to the process and track your progress.

So after a long hiatus, I resumed my learning journey with python. And one of the many things people suggested for people like me who leave this after 1-2 months is to start a programming blog. This site will include other tech articles too but one of the things you will see here is my journey with python. So let’s go through some of the most compelling reasons you should start a programming blog.

  1. You can track your Progress - Tracking your progress is very important when you start programming because this isn’t easy and enjoyable always(I am enjoying it btw).
  2. You can get feedback from readers - Some people will help you on this journey to help you out. So pay attention to the comments and Improve on them.
  3. Can help you learn better - This could be like a revision of your programming studies, hence can help you remember it by repetition.

2 years Back I started with Java and I gave Up.

It was 2018 and I was in college studying Accounting and I saw one video telling me why everyone should learn to code. I jumped on that bandwagon and after goo 2 months I gave up. My studies were piling up and both were totally unrelated so I made a decision to stop it.

2020 and I find accounting isn’t my area of interest, it’s just too boring for me.

So this time I asked people for suggestions and help me change career, a majority of them directed me to python as part time learning. So this is where I am continuing it.

Let’s see where this takes me 😊

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Written by Dev Baidya