10 Best Apps for Resizing Photos on Windows (2022)

If you work with digital photos on a daily basis, you’re undoubtedly aware that image scaling is a crucial step in the editing process. Reducing the size of our photographs allows our websites and blogs to load faster, allowing us to deliver a more enjoyable user viewing experience. It allows us to properly prepare images for social network use while also saving a significant amount of hard disc space.
If you’re seeking a good program to resize photos on Windows, this is the post for you. Below is a list of ten Windows programs that you may rely on to make your pictures smaller.


Fotor is a photo editing program with a plethora of functions designed to make your photos stand out from the crowd. Of course, among the various options is one for bulk resizing photos. Simply navigate to the Batch area and pick the Batch Resize option after the application has been launched. All you have to do now is input your chosen width and/or height values in pixels or percentages.

As previously said, Fotor is all about creating amazing photographs. This means it has a plethora of sceneries, effects, and filters to help you make your photos stand out. The application also includes tools for straightening and cropping photographs, correcting lens distortions, doing color adjustments, and adding borders and textures. In addition, the application provides a wide range of layouts for creating picture collages.


Fotosizer is a Windows application that allows you to minimize the size of your photos. The app is simple to use, because of its two-sided interface: on the left side, you have your photos, and on the right side, you have the various functions. Fotosizer distinguishes itself by its several resizing settings, which include manually specifying new proportions for width and/or height, selecting from a variety of presets, enlarging only one side of the photo, and adding padding and making all photos the same size.

Aside from mass resizing, the program allows you to further optimize your images. You may rename, trim, flip, and rotate them for this purpose, as well as apply a text or logo watermark. You may also make color changes and add additional effects like polaroid, retro, and vignette. Fotosizer has a helpful feature that allows you to save your settings into profiles and easily load them later to help you speed up your process.

Light Image Resizer

Light Image Resizer is another Windows program that can be used to resize your photos. This application is simple to use and provides several ways for resizing images. You may choose from a selection of preset profiles or build your own, enter new width and/or height values in pixels, percentages, inches, or centimeters, or choose one of the various modes: Fit, Stretch, Center, Crop, or Extend to Square (created for Instagram).

Light Image Resizer is far beyond a simple image resizing software. The program includes a plethora of features that will assist you in optimizing and improving the appearance of your images. This includes the ability to rename, compress, convert, or watermark photographs, make PDFs from a collection of images, create animated GIFs, remove the background, and build photo collages.

FILEminimizer Pictures

FILEminimizer Pictures is software designed to significantly decrease the size of your photographs. With this program, you can compress your photos by up to 98 percent, which means you may reduce a 12.5 MB file to 0.25 MB and save a significant amount of disc space. FILEminimizer Pictures includes four compression levels: strong, standard, low, and a final level that allows you to tailor the compression to your liking.

It is not necessary to do much to compress your photos. Simply put your files into the software, choose one of the four compression methods, then click the Optimize Files button. On the bad side, this is the only procedure available to you. There are no additional features to help you improve your photographs.

Image Resizer for Windows

Image Resizer for Windows, like Fileminimizer Pictures, was created with a single goal in mind. Except for resizing photographs, there is nothing more you can do. On the bright side, you can complete this work quickly and efficiently.
The tool connects with the contextual menu in Windows Explorer. This means you can resize your photographs by right-clicking them in File Explorer and selecting Resize pictures. A new dialogue box will appear, allowing you to select from many preset sizes: small, medium, big, for mobile phone usage, and custom, allowing you to enter your new measurements.


BatchPhoto is a PC program that allows you to resize photographs in batches. This editor is capable of processing hundreds of images at once and is simple to use owing to its three-step wizard approach. Simply drag and drop your photos, then make the necessary modifications in the second step before selecting the picture type and destination folder.

BatchPhoto lets you change the size of your photos by using pixels or percentages. Simply choose the Resize filter and enter the desired width and/or height values. The program also has an advanced option that allows you to change the document size and DPI resolution. If you wish to dig deeper, you may convert (including comprehensive RAW support), crop, rotate, watermark, or date stamp images, as well as add special effects, and perform other image modifications.
BatchPhoto allows you to store your current settings as Profiles and load them in future editing sessions to increase your productivity.


Keep reading if you need to minimize the size of your photographs but do not want to install software on your computer. PhotoSize is an online tool that allows you to easily and quickly reduce the size of your photographs.
To complete your work, just add your files (you may pick several files at once) and use the Resize filter accessible in the second phase of the procedure. You now have two options: either pick from the various preset sizes (from VGA to HD and Full HD) or manually input the necessary width and/or height specifications.

Other important capabilities of PhotoSize include the ability to crop and rotate photos, alter the contrast, brightness, or saturation, and apply creative effects such as black and white, sepia, or charcoal.

ACDSee Photo Studio

ACDSee Picture Studio Ultimate is a sophisticated photo editing program with batch processing features. You must enter the Manage mode to resize many pictures at once. After that, choose your photos and click to Tools > Batch >Resize. You may scale your images to a percentage of their original size, a particular size stated in pixels or exact print dimensions in the new dialogue box.

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate is built for professional editing and hence has a plethora of tools to assist you in creating one-of-a-kind photos and graphics. This all-in-one application provides you with everything you need, from correctly sorting, moving, and organizing your photographs to adjustment layers, a sophisticated RAW editor, and a plethora of filters and tools to optimize your workflow. The disadvantage is that if you are not used to working in such software, you may find it confusing.

FastStone Photo Resizer

If you can get past the odd interface, FastStone Photo Resizer is a viable option. The Resize option is not readily accessible from the main dashboard; instead, you must click on the Advanced Options icon and then pick Resize. You have a couple of resizing options once you get here: you can choose from a preset standard size, resize based on one side, or manually enter the desired dimensions in pixels, percentage, or print size.

The good news is that there are additional features available to assist you in optimizing your photos. The program allows you to batch rename, convert, rotate, or crop images, as well as change the color depth, DPI, and brightness, contrast, saturation, or sharpness. You can add a text or logo watermark to your photos to protect or promote them.

Native Windows Photos App

Our original suggestion is to use the native Photos app. The application is included with Windows 10 and allows you to resize your images in a straightforward manner. Here’s how you can do your work with it:
Open the image in the app and select the More Options button by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Simply click on Resize and choose the size you want for your new image:
There is also an option that allows you to manually input the chosen width and height values.

Photos may also be cropped and rotated, as well as creative effects and image modifications applied. Unfortunately, it cannot handle several files at once, which is a disadvantage if you have dozens of photos that need to be resized.

Let us know which one do you use in the comments below.

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