5 Top Applications For Automating PC Operations

One significant tool that Windows lacks is a macro recorder. If you’ve ever used the Microsoft Office or LibreOffice suites, you’re probably aware of the macro tools that allow users to record a series of selected options or actions to automate more repetitive operations.
If Windows 10 had a comparable macro recorder, you could automate a slew of PC operations that would otherwise need user intervention.

You could, for example, create macros that open four different applications at the same time or change a theme option.
Due to the lack of a macro-recording capability in Windows, several publishers have created automation software for building macros and applications. These are tools that allow users to create macros and apps from scratch, or they can record macros for those who are less tech-savvy.
Alternatively, certain Windows automation applications may allow you to set up batch files via a graphical user interface to automate processes. The most sophisticated automation applications are usually scripting tools.

  • Here are five apps for automating PC operations in Windows.
    Because Windows 10 lacks a macro recorder, you must utilize software that allows you to automate PC operations.
  • The apps listed below include comprehensive tools and choices for creating macros and scripts to automate Windows.
  • You may use these tools to open numerous apps and documents at once, handle automated backups, and much more.
  • We also provide open-source scripting software for Windows, which allows you to automate a wide range of processes.

The best software for automating PC operations

RoboTask (recommended)

RoboTask users may automate a variety of PC chores by using a plethora of custom variables and sophisticated parameters.
This software may be used to launch numerous applications and documents automatically, handle automated backups, send emails, process folders and files, shut down Windows with a preset trigger, and much more.
You may also get a freeware RoboTask Lite version for Windows, which includes fewer actions and system variables, from this website.
RoboTask allows you to automate PC chores by picking actions and then customizing them to fit your needs.

For software programs, FTP servers, emails, ZIP files, flow management, and file processing, you may choose from 205 automated activities.
Aside from creating automated tasks, you can also attach various trigger events to them to activate the macros. You can, for example, configure system events to trigger automatic tasks or schedule them for specified periods.
RoboTask has its own macro recorder for recording mouse and keyboard inputs in order to automate activities. Furthermore, the program includes a Service Manager application that allows automated processes to function with system rights even while you are not signed into Windows.

This application also supports plug-ins, including a BASIC plug-in that allows users to develop bespoke BASIC programs.

This macro recorder droid simplifies every process with triggered events and a range of automated activities.


AutoHotkey is a free and open-source scripting tool for Windows. The application has an easy-to-use scripting language that allows you to automate a variety of operations, and it also allows users to remap keyboards and create mouse hotkeys.
From this page on the software’s website, you may install the non-portable or portable version of AutoHotkey on all Windows systems.
AutoHotkey allows you to create scripts to schedule system scans, fill out form fields, start applications or web pages with keystrokes, close programs automatically, and much more.
Users may compile both simple and complicated scripts with custom GUIs into portable EXE files using the software’s scripting language.

Because this software lacks its own text editor, users must assemble their scripts in Notepad or other third-party tools.
The majority of AutoHotkey’s settings are accessible via its system tray icon. Although the software’s website has scripting lessons, you can also download (or copy and paste) ready-made scripts from this page.


WinAutomation can automate almost anything!
Users may use this program to create software robots’ to automate chores. WinAutomation is a powerful program for developing macro scripts that may be used to automate Windows, websites, online apps, and other third-party software.
Although there is a less expensive Standard edition that offers the majority of the Pro version’s choices and capabilities.
WinAutomation provides a far more comprehensive graphical user interface than AutoHotkey. One of the finest features of this tool is its Visual Software Robot Designer, which offers a drag-and-drop UI for dragging and dropping actions into a script.

This contains visual debugger tooltips and error-highlighting assistance bubbles.
The program includes a Macro Recorder for recording mouse events and keystrokes. As a result, there is no need for manual scripting to automate activities using WinAutomation.
This application also includes a Web Recorder for automating browser chores like form filling. You may use the software’s Email Automation Actions module to send automated emails as well as automate email processing and sorting.
This application has a helpful Task Scheduler tool for scheduling macros and programs to run at certain times, and users may also utilize the UI Designer to create their own dialog windows for software robots.

Macro Express

Macro Express is a proprietary software that includes a large number of macro instructions for automating Windows. There is a Pro edition of the program.
Macro Express Pro allows users to execute many macros at the same time and contains an improved script editor. There is also a portable version of the program available for use with USB drives.
Macro Express includes Script Editor and Direct Editor tools for creating macros from scratch using script commands. The Direct Editor provides users with more precise information for each macro command.
To record macros, you may also utilize the software’s Recording application, which includes a number of capture options.

Quick Wizards, which walk you through the process of writing macros, are another useful feature to the application.
You can also use the program to construct floating menus from which to pick macros to replay.
Another advantage of ME is that it offers a variety of ways to activate macros, such as keyboard shortcuts, floating menus, system events, scheduling, and mouse clicks.
You may even set the macros to execute just in certain windows or apps. Furthermore, the publisher provides thorough Macro Express Pro tutorials on its website, where you may also download shared macros.

JitBit Macro Recorder

JitBit Macro Recorder comes with a macro recorder as well as a visual editor for adding custom instructions to automate PC operations. On the publisher’s website, Macro Recorder Basic, Pro, and Premium editions range in price from $39 to $99 USD.
In addition, the publisher provides free Macro Recorder copies in exchange for blog evaluations of JitBit software. Furthermore, there is a freeware Lite version of the software that preserves the full package’s recording features.
To save the Lite version’s installer to Windows, click the Download icon on this page.
JitBit Macro Recorder is a versatile application that allows you to record and edit macros.

Users may utilize the macro editor to include more custom instructions such as shutdown,’ ‘open file,’ and ‘start websites,’ as well as for-loops and if-then statements within the macro code.
In the Premium edition, you may also add C# code snippets to macros. Macro Recorder features a number of recording options, including the ability to change the playback speed, loop the playback, pick alternative recording modes, and create macro-recording filters.
The program then allows you to create keyboard shortcuts to activate the with. The Premium and Pro editions additionally feature a macro scheduling tool and an EXE compiler for converting macros to EXE files.


There is a lot of software available that allows you to automate PC chores. These are five apps that provide a wide range of tools and choices for creating macros and scripts to automate Windows and other third-party software.
Overall, they may save you a lot of time by handling everything for you!
If you have any further questions or recommendations, please post them in the comments box below and we will be sure to look them over.

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